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Bodrum Real Estate Law

Bodrum Real Estate Law

Bodrum Real Estate Law

Bodrum Real Estate Law Nowadays, many of people who have movable or unmoveable goods or rights can leaves the use og that property or its use to anyone else. Many people can allow anyone to use their rights or goods. We call this process as to hire. If they use their rights or properties themselves, there is no problem however ıf different people use  properties or rights which other people have, there can be some problems.

If I need to give an example, when hirer use it, hirer can damage its and  disagreement starts in between hirer and owner. One of the most important problems is default of hirer. Default of hirer is regulated is Turkish Code of Obligations 315.

Bodrum Real Estate Law Another disagreement  is that, when someone wants to buy a property and they want to contract, Seller and customer have different requested from eachother. Therefore they want to contract with a lawyer and take a receive consultancy from a lawyer. Since, to solve this disagreements is very significant to complete your buying a property healthy . We are be with our clients at process of  buying a property and we provide to legal consultancy them. Also we contract as is proper for legal.

Bodrum Real Estate Law Morever, ıf our clients have a problem about their properties, we provide legal consultancy them to them to solve their problems . What’s more we sue about our client’s problems which are about their properties. We call this suits as land registration case, claim for damages etc.

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